Woodlands Meed School

On Tuesday 29th November 2016 Members of the Lodge assembled at the Woodlands Meed School where we were met by the Headmaster, Adam Rowlands, and the Schools Fundraiser, Anna Hull.

We were given a short tour of the school by the Headmaster to show us some of the facilities at the school. We were then taken to the room that has been designated to be converted into a new Sensory Room for the children.

Our Master, Bert Naylor, then presented Adam with a cheque for £17,282 which will pay for the room conversion. When it is complete we will be returning to see the transformation so keep looking here for news of that event.


On the 9th May Chris visited the school to see the progress of the room. The main structural work is completed, the floor has been relaid and the two main items have been installed, a Swing and a small climbing wall. Work is progressing and the Sound and light room is on schedule for completion along with the main room shortly after the Spring half term.


Finally on the 6th Nov 2017 Members were invited to the school to witness a "cutting the ribbon" ceremony to formally open the new Sensory Room. The ribbon was cut by the Mayor of Burgess Hill, Councillor Jacqai Landriani, and after a short speech we were invited to view the completed room. I have added some pictures to enable you to see just how fantastic the room has become.

To celebrate the occasion Anna Hull, the schools fundraiser, supplied the guests with a selection of Cakes, thoughtfully decorated with the Lodge Logo.

WM Cakes as a treat.jpg


Added a few pictures of the children using the Sensory room a year after it was opened.

The room just before the opening. The plaque can be seen to the right of the door.

The room just before the opening. The plaque can be seen to the right of the door.

The room just before the opening. The plaque can be seen to the right of the door.Plaque placed at the Door of the Sensory room.Burgess Hill Mayor, Jacqui Landriani, cuts the ribon to the new Sensory room.Guide for the students on the Sensory Circuits they can take part in.Jacqui Landraini, and a student, watched by a teacher, try the swing.The Multi purpose swing in position in the Sensory Room.Paul tries out the swing for himself.The Climbing Wall in the new Sensory RoomA Governor and Student try the climbing wall.A student demonstrates how high he can climb on the wall.The Sound and Light room with a teacher holding a control panel.Lodge members hear about the sensory room.Adam Rowland receives the cheque from our Master, Bert Naylor.Adam Rowland expresses his joy at receiving the cheque with one of the learners jumping in the background.Adam Rowland, headmaster Woodlands Meed School, thanking the Lodge Member\'s after the presentation of the cheque for 17,282.Anna shows the members the plans for the sensory room for the Children at Woodlands Meed School.A photo of the room that will be converted into the new Sensory Room for the children of Woodlands Meed School.Paul and Norman look into one of the Soft Play rooms at Woodlands Meed school.Now where that swing?A relaxing roll.The Cosy Swing.Creative work.Using Slide